New publication “Environmental Psychology – Enhancing Our World” released!

Environmental Psychology – Enhancing Our World

Professor Robert Gifford, University of Victoria, Canada, who has investigated a range of topics within environmental psychology, from climate change and sustainability to architecture and place attachment, has recently edited the publication  “Environmental Psychology – Enhancing Our World”

Gifford explains in the introductory chapter that:

“environmental psychology is the study of how we, as individuals and as part of groups, interact with our physical settings—how we experience and change the environment, and how our behavior and experiences are changed by the environment. In environmental psychology, “environment” includes both natural and built settings, that is, natural resources, parks, homes, workplaces, public spaces, from the personal scale to the room, building, neighborhood, urban, wilderness, and global scales”.


As explained in the book, environmental psychologists ask such important questions such as:

  • “What prevents people from behaving in a sustainable manner?”
  •  “What can we do to encourage environmentally friendly behavior?”
  • How can buildings serve the needs of their users?”

If you are interested in knowing more about how psychological factors have a significant impact on environmental behavior you can free download the book in THIS LINK

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